Friday, May 14, 2010

We have decided, we hate dinner time!

Keith and I were thinking about it tonight and we can't really remember a time when dinner went well with the boys. To be honest, it has been a struggle since we started cereal 15 months ago.  Tonight Carter did great, but this is how it went with Dylan. 
Homemade chicken & wild rice soup, no!
broccoli, no.
left over taco meat and rice, no on the meat, he ate the rice!
Unfortunately, all he wanted was the rice, and that was gone.
screaming and crying and pushing things off the table.
Freshly sliced deli turkey, no. (he couldn't get enough two nights ago)
banana, no.
bowl of soup is thrown across the table, fork & spoon flying across the room!  Sweet!  Glad Stella wasn't in range.
Lots of screaming and crying.
I quickly put a 90 second rice packet in the microwave.  Success!
About 3 bites of banana and two bites of turkey.
The End!

I think the moment the soup was dripping off the table, we both felt that this was one of our worst dinners with Dylan.  Carter enjoyed the buffet of food we kept giving him, so he was great! 
On a positive note, here are some fun pictures of when Dylan was fun tonight.
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