Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BHS Class of 2000, a few notes from 2nd grade

We will be celebrating our 10 year class reunion this summer.  While home a few weeks ago, I looked at this old autograph book from second grade.  Here are all the lovely notes written to me.  I guess a big concern as an 8 year old must be "moving away."  Maybe my class was still scarred from when Keith moved away after first grade.  
Clearly Angie had the strongest writing skills and her note is my favorite!!!!

"I'm glad you got to come to this school" - Janell
"I'm glad you are in my class.  And you are my friend" - Kaylan
"I'm glad you go to Baxter school" - Love, Kristy
"You are my friend and if you move I will miss you" - Missy (there was also a pretty little drawing of a girl)
"You are nise and prite" - Greg
"I will miss you this summer.  I will come visit you a lot" - Allyson
"I like you a lot, but when we get en fites, it's a little boring" - Heidi
"I like you!!  You are nice!! - Anna
By Chris To Jessica:  "Thanks for being my friend and I liked be your friend"
"I hope you will not move away" - Jacob
"You were a nice girl.  Have a great summer.  P.S. I bet we can beat Gilman.  P.P.S. Gilman is not good.  I hope" - Angie
"You were a very, very nice girl.  You were fun" - Jered
"I hope you never leave because you are my friend" - Sara
"You are nice" - Melody
"I like you" - Kim
"You are nice" - Andy
"I like you alot" Brian
"I will miss you over the summer.  Then I will see you in third grade" - Justin
"I like you so much, I think I will miss you" - Sarah
"I hope you have a good summer" - Erin

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krmccord said...

I love this! That is too cute! Angie did have some excellent writing skills, even adding the P.S. and P.P.S. Heidi's comment kind of cracks me up:)


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