Monday, May 31, 2010

Dinner without Goldfish!

We had a little date night last night!! WOO HOO!!!  We have only been out by ourselves a couple times since the boys have been born and not once in 2010!  Keith had a babysitter lined up for my bday/Valentines day and that fell through, then we had a big date day planned and this happened. 
Our neighbors, Beth and Mitch, were so kind to take the boys for a few hours so we could go out to dinner.  We ate at Kona Grill in Eden Prairie, made a quick trip to Target (boring, I know), and then went to Crave to for dessert.  Dinner was delicious and the best part of the entire dinner was simply getting up to leave.  No clean up needed!  Generally when we go to dinner with the boys, we go straight to the main course, eat dinner quickly and are usually packed up and ready to go before the waiter can even ask if we want dessert. So we were both excited to indulge into an amazing dessert.  I had this fabulous molten chocolate lava cake at Crave one other time, so we made a special trip to have it again.  But were both disappointed when what we ordered was something completely different and was not at all worth the calories. 
Of course we didn't let it ruin our night.  We were back to Beth and Mitch's by 8:00, brought the boys home and I was in bed by 10:00!  I think the boys had a good time playing with Hunter and Mason and of course all their super cool toys.  Thanks again for watching the boys!

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