Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Planting in the dark

Sunday the boys took a nice two hour nap and I was able to go to Wagners, buy flowers and get them all planted! I'm infamous for over-plantings so I tried to scale back this year, but still spent too much on flowers.  At least I was $50 under what Keith guessed, so that was good:)  I know it looks a little bare right now, but it will probably look like a floral explosion by August. 

And this is what my husband is doing at 10:00 pm!
We bought a few shrubs this year to put behind the house where grass doesn't grow.  Tonight when I got home from my softball game, I found Keith in the backyard with a spotlight out.  He just finished, so now we just need to get mulch. 
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Anonymous said...

I see a bud light sitting out. I'd say this would be more aptly titled "Drinking in the Dark (with some shrubs)"


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