Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oh boy!!!

Do I see two little boys climbing up a rock wall without somebody behind them?  Daddy is getting brave!  Apparently all the practice on the rock wall has now empowered them to attempt to climb out of their cribs.  This morning when Keith went in to get the boys Carter had his leg up over the edge trying to escape. Then later today I put them down for naps and thought they were sleeping.  About 15 minutes later I heard lots of laughing and jabbering from two awake boys.  I cracked the door open to peak at them to see how they were entertaining each other.  Then after a few minutes of spying I saw Dylan attempt to start climbing out so I quickly ran in to stop him, which was just in time because Carter had almost pulled himself out!  I really need one of those video monitors. 
Not sure what we are going to do??? My plan was to keep them in their cribs for as long as possible, like three!  I took their bumpers out so they can't get any extra lift.  So we'll see if they try to escape again and if so I will have to make some changes. 

{Carter above, Dylan below}
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Mom said...

I remember you thinking you could climb the neighbors roof. You also thought you could climb the swing set so you could walk across the top bar. We also had a 2 year old who would climb the fence so she could get into the pool to swim. I wonder where the boys get those climbing urges???


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