Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Minneapolis Mood Swings

We hit a heatwave in Minneapolis this weekend and even reached the 90's today.  No complaints here, I have had enough cold weather for a lifetime.  But tonight I had a softball game and thought I would be dying of heat, but instead am feeling quite lucky I wasn't struck by lightening.  We were rained on the entire game.  We were up by one point and asked the other team if we could call it since lightening was getting close, they insisted we play since they were down.  So we had to play through one more inning and managed to pull off the win.  Then I quickly headed for my car hoping to not get struck by lightening since I as carrying a metal bat and about a case of beer.  Hopefully we will have better weather next week. 

{Beth bought some flavor ices and shared them with the boys, they were a hit!  I used to consume hundreds of these during the summer months growing up!}
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