Saturday, May 29, 2010

A beautiful day!

Last night I was exhausted and we went to bed at 10:00!  And even better, Keith got up with the boys and I slept until almost 10:00.  I was woken up by two little boys, each giving me a little yellow flower and huge smiles. They were so cute and proud giving them to me.  Good idea boys!
Keith and I decided to take the boys on their first picnic, so we took them to Minnehaha Falls. It is pretty close to our house, but we had never been there.  It was absolutely beautiful outside all day.  They fell asleep before we even got there.
I'm not sure what their opinion was on the picnic.  I think they had fun!

They pretty much only ate the fruit we bought, they wouldn't touch their sandwiches.
They thought they were pretty big boys and climbed into their strollers, so we wrapped up the party and went home. 
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Andrea said...

Love Minnehaha Falls. Have you guys been to Centennial Lakes before? That is equally as beautiful and fun!

Mom said...

Your grandma would have loved it.
She was always wanting to go on a picnic.


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