Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dylan Tyler & Carter Benjamin

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Another blog I follow did a post, show us your kid's names.  Here is how we arrived to the boys' names. 

We struggled with this task.  I love thousands of names, but when it comes down to naming your child, you get selective quickly and Keith was quick to veto a lot of names!  We didn't know what we were having so we were looking at all combos.  I was dead set on naming our daughter Olivia and other than that, we had no idea!  Keith had read or seen Dylan somewhere, so that was on the list early.  Finally it was about a week or two before the boys were born and we were eating at Macaroni Grill and they give you crayons there and you can write on your paper tablecloth, so we decided we needed to make a short list at dinner that evening.  (when I get back to Minnesota I will have to look at the list again and update because I can't remember all of them)  Our top girl names were Olivia, Allyson, Kylie.  Our top three boy name were Carter, Dylan and Carson.  I wanted to wait until I saw them before making a "final" decision.  And on October 22, 2008 the names we landed on were
Baby A:  Dylan Tyler Bormann
Baby B:  Carter Benjamin Bormann
My dad's name is Bennie, so that is where the Benjamin comes from. 

So far they don't have too  many nicknames but one of their daycare teacher calls Dylan "D" and calls Carter "Boo". 

I'm at my parent's house and mom had these pictures from the early days on her computer that I hadn't seen before. 

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Emily Dupuis Powell said...

Picking 2 names at once would be SO hard!

Jess said...

I know exactly what you mean. I had SOOOO many names to begin with. But once it actually came down to it, there were so many that we automatically crossed off because although we liked the names we couldn't picture actually naming OUR child them. I'm almost six weeks and we've already decided on the boys' name, and we have it narrowed down to two for a girl :)
I love the names you chose- and they go together nicely, too.


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