Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Minnesota Children's Museum

Today we made the first of many trips to come to the Minnesota Children's Museum.  I had heard of this, but had no idea how cool it is!!!  They have so many great things for kids to do there, I can't believe we went all winter without visiting.
We spent about 3 hours there and didn't even see everything.  They have a cool dinosaur room, they have entire child sized / child friendly little city where you can check out the city bus, visit the doctor's office, go to the post office, go grocery shopping, cook in a kitchen, a room where you can put on different hats and costumes (fireman, construction worker, etc),  lots of things to climb up and down, slides, story hours and live activities, water tables, a bugs world and lots of sensory activities.  The staff was extremely friendly and everything was clean and kept up very nice.  I don't think my pictures even justify how cool it was. I would definitely say this was the coolest / funnest place we have ever taken the boys.  We decided to sign up for the family membership and planning making more trips back soon!  I will post some more pics soon.  If you are visiting the twin cities with little ones, I would recommend checking it out.  Click here for their website.

Story time.  Not sure if Dylan liked that story or not.
The city bus.
The bubble water table.  Probably their favorite activity that we did.
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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter