Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Brutal Week!

This picture pretty sums up how this week has gone!  They haven't been to daycare since Monday afternoon and we have been to the doctor's office 4 times.  So basically, all they have is a VIRUS!  Pretty much my least favorite thing to hear, because there isn't much we can do.  I guess they have been seeing fevers for 3-5 days and sore throats.  This morning I thought Carter seemed a lot better but he now has blisters inside his cheeks and throat, which seem to be causing him a lot of pain. Until today their moods have been pretty good considering they aren't feeling well, but today was one inconsolable meltdown after another over the littlest things.
Generally we don't really have any extra evening activities, except for this week, and we are beat.  This is how this week has gone.  Monday I picked them up early from daycare and Keith had a golf game, so he got home late.  
Tuesday I stayed home in the morning, Keith stayed home in the afternoon, then I left work early so we could take them to the doctor.  Then I had a softball game that evening and Keith squeezed in some landscaping after the boys went to bed.  He probably should have been catching up on work, but I think it was a stress reliever for him.
Wednesday I stayed home until about 1, then Keith took over and I had a client event and got home a little after 10:00, then tried to do a little catch up on work since I have been out.
Today, Keith tried to squeeze some work in between 6-8:00 and then I had an all-day client meeting so the boys and Keith had a guys day. 
Had I known this fever was going to last so long, I would have skipped my softball game.  We are really hoping they sleep well tonight and are doing better tomorrow.  Then we both had planned on taking 1/2 day vacation b/c we are going back to Iowa this weekend.  I feel I like I have been running from one thing to the next this week.  So I should probably quit blogging, pack and do some work!

Ever since we got these booster chairs, the boys constantly want in them and are moving the chairs.
Between being home much more than normal and the cold weather, we have been resourceful with finding fun activities.
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Kellie said...

Yikes! I hope they are feeling better today. I'm heading down to IA too tonight after work. Not looking forward to a long uncomfortable drive!

The Woods Family said...

Oh no - what a week! Hope it's a good trip to Iowa and that they are feeling better. Brian's mom is in the hospital so we're squeezing in a quick trip to Des Moines tomorrow to see her. Can't wait to catch up with you guys next weekend!


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