Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where the heck have we been Wednesday....

Sorry, I am BEHIND on blogging! The last few days have been out of the ordinary... So here is what we have been up to:


We left the cities around 4:00 and went back to Iowa for the weekend. Friday night we went to my sister's house and the boys had a blast playing with their cousin Cade and tearing up her house.


My mom and I took the boys shopping for a while and then took them to play at the play area at the mall. Then Keith met us at the mall and took the boys home so we could do some shopping! Later that evening we went to Marshalltown to hang out with our friends Angie, Chad, Payton, Mike, Sara and Dane! The boys didn't have much of a nap and were a bit of a challenge, so we didn't get to visit with my friends for very long!


We took the boys swimming and visited my grandma at the nursing home. Later that evening we celebrated my birthday with my family.


Are intent was to leave first thing in the morning! Keith was going to work in the car on the drive back and then I was going to get to the office by noon. To no surprise, the weather didn't cooperate and our little plan didn't quite work out. Iowa is having an unbelievable winter! We decided to head home around 12:00 and about 50miles from my parents I started to get pretty nervous! So we ended up getting a room in Ames for the night. Keith really wanted to go back to my parents for the night but I wanted to stay so we would be able to get on the road sooner the next day. I felt like a total wimp for staying and not making the drive, but then felt much better about our decision the next day when we made the drive back. It was still pretty slick and we saw four cars in the ditch with people in the cars, then passed 50+ cars in the ditches!I hate driving on icy roads! Honestly, could you imagine if we were just so lucky to just slide into the ditch. Not too many people have extra room for two adults, two babies and their car seats and a dog! We finally made it back around 1:00, dropped the boys off at daycare, went home and threw our stuff in our house and went to work. We have been trying to catch up since and probably won't be caught up until the weekend! It is killing me missing a day and a half of work and I was in Austin most of today for meetings. I have been trying catch up on work at night, but am not making much of a dent, hopefully I will get caught up tomorrow.

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Acting Balanced Mom said...

Stopping by from SITS - glad you made it home safely... I hate driving on icy roads too!

Wym said...

You busy lady! visiting from SITS...


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