Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Since hitting and pulling hair continues to be a pretty big issue, especially with Dylan, we have been having a lot of time outs! As a parent these sure our tough to get through with a straight face. You either feel awful about it or sometimes the way they react makes you want to burst out laughing.

Dylan is getting pretty familiar with the concept and does a good job sitting down and waiting until it is OK to get it up. Carter seems to be confused on what is going on and why Dylan gets to go sit by the wall all the time. TWO times now, Dylan has hit Carter with a toy, Dylan had to have a time out. Then Carter hit himself in the head with the toy and went and sat down by Dylan.

If Carter hits and gets in trouble and has a time-out, he cries and it totally breaks my heart. Dylan on the other hand will grin at you and point his finger and shake it at you.

(Dylan in trouble, Carter keeping him company)
Sorry for the blurry pictures again. We returned that camera, got a new one and still am not impressed. Sure wish we did break our old one.
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