Monday, February 22, 2010

A few new phases...some good, some bad!


Both have really found their voices these past few weeks. And Dylan is going through this screaming phase. Sometimes he will get really mad and just scream at the top of his lungs non-stop (I think 15 minutes is about our max on this one). Fortunately, Carter isn't really doing this! However, we went out to eat last night and both were screaming a lot. Sometimes it's just a harmless, cute high-pitched scream, sometimes it's angry. So we won't be going to any "quiet" restaurants in the near future.


Today both boys were giving us the best bear hugs! I wish I had a video. I would hold my arms out wide and say come give mom a hug and they would come running at me with big smiles and giving me the best hugs. Then they were like ping pong balls bouncing back and forth between me and Keith giving us hugs. It was GREAT! I love when they do things like this.


Again, I need to get a video. Carter is into what I call a "gorilla walk", not sure why, but randomly, he will start to walk slow, crouch down a little bit and take these really big steps.

For a while they were doing this really fast walk and didn't quite get bending their knees to run, so if you can imagine somebody running with stiff straight legs. It always made me laugh and I never really got a video. Now they are definitely running and doing lots of running and chasing Stella around the house.
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"And so our stories go..." said...

Ah, thanks for the smiles on this raining morning. Your kids are so cute. I could use a bear hug myself.


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