Saturday, February 6, 2010

We survived our first haircuts!

I have been avoiding cutting the boys hair for sometime now. I just love their curly wild hair. I love how sometimes when they wake up half is sticking straight up in the air. It always makes me laugh. However, if I didn't cut it soon, I'm sure they would have been mistaken for girls.
They both did really good! They look so grown up and look like such BIG boys! I miss the baby curls already and I did keep some! It's funny because it is almost like the haircut gave them a boost of big boy confidence. Especially Carter, he has been very vocal all night and has been a total goofball.

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Montessori Moments said...

SO CUTE! Where in Minnesota are you? I am from Canada but live close to the U.S. border.
Your twins are SO adorable!
I hope you'll come visit me SITSta!

Jen said...

They look so cute and so handsome and so much older with their new haircuts. I love the before and after picture.

Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

The haircuts look great! Such handsome big boys!

Autumn Kline Photography said...

They are sure cuties!!! When I first saw this post I was sort of sad for them because I loved seeing their funny hair :) Their curls were super cute.....but now they look all grown up!! Kinley can't wait to give them kisses...hehe!!

Multiple personalities.. said...

Ohhh, they are too cute! I remember when my boy got his first haircut, and I still have a lock of his hair from that milestone. They are quite the handsome pair. Have a great SITS day!

Jon and Jennifer said...

adorable jess....your babies are BIG boys now!!

Mary said...

How adorable. First haircuts...what's next! They grow up fast.

Young Wife said...

So cute! Glad you saved a few curls. Stopping by from SITS.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Little boys always look like little men after a hair cut. They look so grown up. Stopping from SITS!


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