Sunday, February 7, 2010

First Swimming Lesson!

Since our boys have quite a bit of energy, I'm always trying to find some activities or places for them to burn off some energy. Especially in the winter! So I looked into swimming lessons and they have classes at the middle school right by our house. We had our first session on Saturday.

Carter immediately got nervous the minute I took his clothes off to put his trunks on. Dylan on the other hand, as soon as he walked into the room, he was just itching to jump into the water. Lets just say we had a hand on him the entire time!

Both boys were pretty nervous initially when we got in the water and then Dylan got really into it and had a blast giggling through the entire session. Carter warmed up but clenched onto Keith pretty tightly the entire time. The activity they liked the most was sitting on the edge and everyone would sing "humpty dumpty sat on a wall, hupty dumpty had a big FALL" then on fall we would pull them in the water. Then at one point everyone was in a big circle and sang wheels on the bus and we would walk in the circle bouncing them up and down and Dylan laughed the entire time.

Dylan and I were the last two to get out of the pool. When I was a little kid I absolutely loved swimming and spent my summers in the pool and I think Dylan might be the same way!

The boys were absolutely exhausted afterwards and about fell asleep on our 2 minute drive home. Then they took a nap for over 2 hours. We're looking forward to the next session.

Keith was excited because there was another set of twins their and the dad told him about a Father of Multiples group in the area and they will be meeting up for drinks next week. (no surprise that a daddy club would involve drinks)
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mikeandsarah said...

wait a minute... you bring the boys to swim lessons and Keith walks away with local drinking buddies?!?! That so sounds like how this situation would turn out for Mike and I. You've got some cute lil' swimmers!

Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

Our boys LOVED swim lessons last summer. Now we try and go swimming every Friday afternoon to keep them up on their skills.
The best part of all is how great they sleep afterward!


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