Monday, February 22, 2010

I think we finally put this sleeping problem to bed...

For a solid month to two months, Dylan would wake up every night and instead of put himself back to sleep, he would want to go sleep in our room. Some days he would wake up around 12:00 am, other days it wouldn't be until 5ish. It didn't bother me too much when it was around 5 because he would sleep longer in our bed, but it was getting a little bit tiresome when your half of the bed also included a one year old and a dog who thinks she needs to sleep on top of you!

Keith was determined to beat this habit Dylan had started and after two weeks of him sleeping in his crib, I think we have! Hopefully I don't ruin it this week while Keith is gone. One night he woke up around 10:30 and we weren't even in bed yet, so we decided to just let him cry it out in his bed. Normally we don't like to do this, risking the other one waking up. So that night he cried for a couple of hours. We would go in every 20 minutes and calm him down and then he finally fell asleep. (BTW, I HATE doing this, it completely breaks my heart) We couldn't believe it, but Carter didn't wake up once the entire time (he must take after me)! We thought we would have a week of this, but we haven't had him in our bed since. He does still wake up some, but Keith can usually get him to fall back asleep. If I go in there, I almost always end up bringing them to bed with me. I guess I am a sucker! Keith is much better at getting them back to sleep in their cribs at night.

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Jon and Jennifer said...

We do the cry it out too and yes it is hard but it works!! We have a rule that they can't get out of their cribs until 6AM. A lot of mornings I get home from class at at 5:20 I hear them, not crying but just messing around in their cribs. I don't care what they do as long as they stay in their cribs. I do agree though once you bring them to your bed it starts a nasty routine! I'm glad you have him whipped back into shape! Oh and usually it is Joel that is up and Jackson NEVER wakes up either, I think they are used to each crying and sleeping through it!!


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