Sunday, February 21, 2010

Always on the go....

As the boys' mobility changes, I'm constantly flipping back and forth between "I can handle this" and "I can't handle this", "I have to have an eye on them 100% of the time" or "OK, they seem like they can't harm themselves today I can make dinner".

Right now, I'm a little frustrated because I do not feel comfortable bringing them anywhere by myself (of course this excludes daycare, which is pretty much a car ride and then they are with their teachers). I don't really like this because I feel like they are a little bit trapped in the house, I would love to take them to a story hour or a friends house or to a park, but right now they are very curious and quite fast. I just don't trust them on my own anywhere other than our house. Keith will brave it every now and then and take them to the grocery store, but that is tough because he either pulls two carts or does a stroller and a cart. I'm OK going places with the stroller too, but they get bored being confined to the stroller. I'm sure it will get better in a few months when they listen a little bit better and it will probably get easier when we don't have snow, ice, coats and hats. Honestly, I have no idea how parents of 3+ kids even get out of their house! For right now, I'm glad we have them in daycare so they can play with other kids and all the toys there!

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