Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The boys who make me smile every day....

I LOVE how their little minds take in EVERYTHING and I LOVE watching them lean new things.
I LOVED their wild hair and am getting used to their big boy cut.

I LOVE their deep LAUGHS and great smiles!

I LOVE how when it's time to eat, they run to their chairs and throw their pacifiers on the ground.

I LOVE how Dylan is always bringing Carter stuff: blankets, pacifiers, toys, you name it!

I LOVE when they coming RUNNING at me with open arms and give me a HUGE HUG.

I LOVE when they both sit on my lap at let me read stories to them!

I LOVE it even more when they try to read the story and the book is almost always upside down!

I LOVE how they snuggle into their blankets.

I LOVE how Carter hums himself to sleep.

I LOVE the devilish look Dylan gets in his eye right before he does something he isn't suppose to do.

I LOVE how excited they are to see me in the morning.
I LOVE these BOYS!
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Chantal said...

Your blog always make me so happy. I love your photos and everything you post makes me all misty and smile. I love to see happy families! What a blessing you have. God bless you and your family!

krmccord said...

I LOVE this post!! So cute!!


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