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Our favorite baby feeding gear....

There is a HUGE selection when it comes to buying baby feeding gear. To be honest, the first few times I even entered the feeding section I had absolutely no clue what all I needed and what items to buy. My sister had recommended a few things to me, but other than that it was trial and error. So after having about rough year of experience with feeding babies solids, this is what worked or didn't work for us.


I think we first started giving boys sippy cups around six months. When we first started giving the boys sippy cups, just by luck, the first ones we used had a rubber top and the boys picked up on drinking out of them right away and I think it was because of the soft top being similar to the bottle. So I would recommend the soft top to anyone trying out a sippy cup for the first time.

Our first soft ones were the (no leak) Nuby ones, which I wouldn't recommend because they LEAKED really bad. These were the worst. When you cleaned them, there was the soft top part and a ring and you had to put it back together just right or it would leak really bad and it was difficult to put together and hard to twist the lid on. If it wasn't on just right, it would leak too! The other really bad thing about he soft tops is whenever they fall or are bumped on the floor, they leak!

The picture above is the soft top Munchkin brand. These are pretty good! The Nuby ones we had looked the same, but did not work as good as these ones. The Munchkin brand lids screw on easily and they didn't leak as bad as the Nuby ones. However, if your kid drops it on the floor, it will still probably leak some. Keith was so annoyed by the Nuby ones that he threw all of them away.

Most of our sippy cups are the Gerber ones above. We really like these ones! You can shake them upside down and they don't really leak at all and they go together easily! Actually the only way they leak is when my boys hold them upside down and repetitively hit them on the table or any hard surface (a game they find REALLY fun). I prefer to have several of the same brand so then I don't have to hunt for matching lids or parts! The only downside to these Gerber cups is they don't have lids, which we don't need too often. Surprisingly, most cups don't come with lids. The Nuby ones do, which is why we ended up with so many of them.


When we started feeding, we used these smaller rubber Gerber spoons. These worked for us. I didn't try a lot of others to compare but will say we definitely needed the smaller size and I think the rubber coating helped with the feeding as well.

We just started giving the boys forks and spoons. I was starting to think we would probably send them to kindergarten without them knowing how to use utensils.
When I bought these Gerber utensils, I'm pretty sure I just picked them out because I liked how they looked (total girl way of picking out something:)). However, I really like them and the boys do a really good job with them. The fat handles are easy for them to hang on to.

We just started giving the boys plates about a month ago. They are pretty into throwing their food on the floor, so I didn't really like the idea of seeing an entire plateful of food being tossed on the floor. Surprisingly, they do pretty well with them. They pick them ups some, but we introduced them with the silverware and sometimes I think they are so busy with their spoons and forks they don't think about throwing stuff on the floor.
So when I finally decided to brave plates, I found the Gerber set below. This fancy plate has a rubber suction base and this rim around the plate so you can push food and it doesn't fall of the plate. I must say, all these bells and whistles are NOT worth the extra money! The suction cup worked OK and made me feel more confident the first couple times, but it doesn't stick that well and it is just one more piece to clean and store in your cupboard. The rim, well we didn't use that once! I thought the suction was great right away and went out and bought more. I wish I just would have bought more cheaper plates because we don't use these extra pieces.

Actually, my favorite plates have a rubbery grip on the bottom so they don't slide and I found those ones on clearance, so I'm not sure which brand they are.
We don't use bowls, so I have no advice on them.



I wanted to include these because I don't think a lot of people know about them. They are disposable place mats with an adhesive on the back so they stick to the table. We use these at restaurants and lots of people ask us about them. I usually have a hard time finding them as well. Babies R Us sells them and sometimes I can find them at Target.

Feel free to share any of your favorite or not so favorite baby feeding items. I love hearing about and learning new things that other people like/dislike! There are so many options out there that you can't test all of them.


Shawn said...

They have the coolest stuff for babies now----I wish we had some of those things when my kids were young!

Just visiting over from SITS----leaving some comment love!

Chantal said...

I love the Tiny Diner mats. They are like the disposable ones you mentioned, but they are rubber and washable. They have suction cups on the bottom that keep them from moving. I love them because they also have a food catcher that hangs off the side of the table.

Great advice! We are just entering this stage so it was great to read up on this info!

My kids are NOT great at the sippy cup at all. They have never had a bottle, so I am wondering if that has anything to do with it. We seriously have one of every kind of sippy cup they sell at babies r us and I keep them all full and on the table to try at different points throughout the day. Argh. It seems hopeless.

Kellie said...

I'm going to have to come back and reference your posts when the time comes for us to be looking at this stuff! :)

Jen said...

The best sippy cups I ever found were the "disposable" kind with the snap on lid I think the brand was The 1st years. They were meant to be used a couple of times but they lasted for years. They never leaked and they were really inexpensive. They were for kids just a little older since the lid was harder plastic, not soft and rubbery and there was no hole on the other side of the lid to make it easier to drink. They held up to just about anything except the dog chewing on them.

Esther and Brian said...

Hi...I totally agree with you on the Munchkin ones being better than Nuby..and that soft spouts are so much easier to get used to for the little ones. Now at 17 months the boys mastered the straw sippies and still the absolute best one is from Munckin, although I do like the Nuby Flip-it Straw ones (they look cute, too!). We have the Britax Boulvard seats as wel and I could not agree with you more on the safety thing- it's just worth it...period... :) Esther

Autumn Kline Photography said...

Keep these posts coming!!!! You have given me so many good recommendations so far on things that have worked the best for your little ones. I can't wait to go back to these posts once my little Kinley get big enough :) I actually have one more shower left and I am going to go change my registry right now :)

Cindy said...

Know how you feel about how baby stuff can be overwhelming. We have the Munchkin sippy cups and those seem to work well. Have you made sure your things are BPA free? think they are starting to eliminate that stuff, but it's always a good idea to double check.


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