Thursday, February 18, 2010

Late 20s....REALLY?

On Monday I turned the big 28! It seems like I just graduated college so how is it that (I will only say this once as my stomach turns) I am almost thirty! It seems like just yesterday I was itching to turn 21! Time has just been flying by...

So what does 28 bring?
When I raise my eyebrows... the creases on my forehead STAY.
We will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary
I can now check that "5 year experience box"
This year I will be celebrating my 10 year high school reunion
I haven't started coloring my hair, but there are some grays!

I reviewed my well outdated Facebook profile and some of my likes include:

The Ocean
New York City
Us Weekly
Sleeping in
Flippy Cup
Beer Pong

And realized since entering my mid to late twenties and having kids, all of the above are no longer present in my life!

So I guess I better do my best to make the most out of 28 and 29!

And the BIG DAY!

Unfortunately I spent the majority of my birthday traveling back to Minnesota from Iowa. Then I was off to work. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into my office and found these balloons and candy! My co-worker, Karen, was so kind to think of me on my big day and I LOVE surprises.
Later that evening Keith invited the neighbors over for a drink and to indulge in my specially made "heart shaped" birthday cake! (Did I mention my birthday is February 16th?)

Keith sent me these flowers last Monday for Valentine's Day and they are still looking great.

I will have to post pictures from my birthday get-together later. The pictures are on my mom's camera.


Young Wife said...

Happy Birthday!

mommaof4wife2r said...

happy bday to you! stopping in from SITS! you have a very sweet fam...and for what it's worth, have a blast in your 20's, but it does get better and better...i mean, not the wrinkles and aches part, but life! have a great one!

Kellie said...

Happy birthday again! But no complaining that you are now 28. I'll be 31 in May! GASP!!! Ahhh!!! I don't feel that old. WTH?


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