Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to entertain two little boys at a hotel....

We survived our first (unplanned) hotel experience with the boys! We were lucky to have a nice room that had a separate bedroom and a living room area and allowed pets! Since we were in Ames, we picked up uncle Nick and brought him to the hotel for a while and out to dinner! (Lets just say I think he was glad to get back to the fraternity.)
Overall, the boys did really well! The biggest trouble maker was Stella. She wouldn't stop barking if we left her in the room, so we had to bring her to dinner with us and left her in the car.
So here is what the boys thought of their first hotel experience....

Running up and down the hallways is a lot of fun, but also very exhausting! Dylan really proved to have MUCH MORE energy than Carter! The poor kid was gasping for air and Dylan was ready to keep on running.

TV at our level equals AWESOME!!! The boys just loved pushing all the buttons and changing the channels. Fun for us too!

And of course curtains are ALWAYS fun!!!!

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Veronica said...

Hi, stopping in from SITS!!! Looks like the twins had a blast staying at the hotel. They are adorable!


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