Thursday, February 4, 2010

A typical weekday at the Bormann household....

I must preface this post as a snoozer since our lives really aren't too exciting. But it is funny how much our routine continues to change and you think back to the last six months and can hardly remember what you used to do.

Anywhere between 12:00 am and 5:00 am Dylan ends up in bed with us. Not a great phase we have been going through! The only good thing about it (besides a little extra snuggle time I get with him) is that he seems to sleep longer in our bed. The boys used to always get up by 6:00 and lately they have been sleep until 6:30-6:45ish. Carter is an AWESOME sleeper and when Dylan isn't in their room in the morning to wake him up, he sleeps longer! Keith usually gets up with boys and gets them sippy cups and Cheerios or Kix in their little snack cups. I try to sleep until 7:00 if possible. (we negotiated this out since I do the drop off) However, lately Dylan likes to come back and sit in bed with me and eat his cereal (sometimes hit me in the head with the cup) and I try to sleep. Then from 7-7:30 everyone gets ready and dressed, a few attempts with putting hats on the boys and then we try to be out the door by 7:30.

Our daycare is closer to my work, so typically I do the drop-off. This takes a little while b/c I fill out there forms put all their food for the day in the fridge and then I usually play with them for a little bit before I go. Some days leaving is easier than others. Lately Dylan has been really clingy and not wanting me to leave. Then it's off to work for the day!

If possible we both try to pick them up, it is really hard for me to get both to the car. Keith is much stronger and has longer arms and it is a little easier with his truck, so he manages pretty well on his own. We try to be there no later than 5:30. I did the pick up on my own tonight and found it to be a little bit on the stressful side! I was cornered when I walked in the door by all the kids, then Dylan and Carter were both crying wanting me to stand and hold them. I think it took me 10 minutes before I was able to actually get my shoes off and walk in. Then carrying them both out is always a battle for me. I have a system for getting them in, but out is much harder.

Once we get home and walk through the doorway, we pretty much begin what I will call "meltdown hour". Both are really fussy and want to be held and cry, scream and yell quite a bit! Which making dinner with one kid in your arm and the other wrapped around your leg is a little bit difficult! Once they eat they are in a little better of a mood, but still not great. We just started packing more food for their PM snack because I think they might be a little extra grumpy b/c they are hungry.

After dinner we try and clean up and then we usually either read stories or play in the toy room. We do baths every other night and that usually puts them in good moods! Then just when you think you want to put them in bed ASAP they both get in the best of moods and are so much fun around 7:00. They both totally mellow out and just play so quiet and happy. IT IS GREAT! I wish they were like that all night because they are so much fun at that time. We usually give them sippy cups of milk and then between 8 - 8:30 we take them to their cribs and they go to sleep pretty well.

Once the boys are in bed we make their lunches and try and clean up around the house and take care of any other tasks that need to be done for the next day. I usually take a bath at night. Then I love to relax, watch TV and look at Facebook or blog. For a long time we were so swamped at work I would usually end up working for a few hours, but we have been slower so I haven't had to work at night. We try to get to bed by 11, but that only happens a couple nights a week.

And that's pretty much what we do 5 days a week....... jealous, RIGHT?

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Jon and Jennifer said...

"Meltdown hour" HATE that time, we have it too and I don't seeing it getter better anytime soon!! I hate how the daycare says "oh they were great" then get home and they are crabby and monsters!! Just what we wanted after a long day of work!! Your schedule sounds pretty close to ours!! Except the 11:00 bedtime!! That is waaayyyy too late for us!!

Kellie said...

I wonder why they have meltdown hour. Weird. Is this a typical thing w/ kids? Something we have to look forward to! :)

Also, March 4th we'll find out the sex! Can't wait!

The Bormann Family said...

I think it might be pretty common, but certainly not fun!!! I think their teeth have really been hurting too so that doesn't help either.

Jen, there is no way I could go to bed that late if I got up at 4!

Sally said...

You have such a lovely family!! I remember meltdowns; and yes, Kellie it's common. hahaha

Have a great weekend. (Here from SITS) :)

Mary Ellen said...

AWW! Your boys are super cute! Found you from the Foster Family Blog- glad I did... I'll be back! :)


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