Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My dog is driving me CRAZY!!!

For TWO weeks now, Stella stands at this cupboard and whines non-stop! I cannot figure out what she is whining at, so finally one night I took every single thing out of the cupboard hoping to appease her! I was a little bit concerned that I would find a mouse in there and Keith was at the gym while I did this. And it was a good thing I didn't find one because that would have totally freaked me out.
Unfortunately, my efforts did not solve the mystery. Keith has even pulled out the refrigerator and there was nothing behind there.
Anyone have any suggestions??? We are getting desperate here.
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mikeandsarah said...

Maybe she's found a secret hiding place... or maybe she's trying to tell you to stop moving her food bowls and just let her eat the food in the cupboard?! haha, sorry that's not a lot of help, good luck you guys are great parents to all your children!

Amanda said...

Have you ever had treat bags or bones in there that she might still smell?? Or that she remembers you getting in there to give her? I would buy her some treats she likes and show her when you put the bag somewhere else, like on top of the fridge, and then maybe she will forget about the cupboard. Of course then she'll be whinning at the fridge but at least you'll know what she wants!

The Bormann Family said...

We do keep treats on top of the fridge, I have given her like 10 and that is not it. I have even put her on top of the fridge two times now to let her take whatever she wants. Lots of sniffing, but she doesn't even go for the treats up there.


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