Friday, March 19, 2010


We were so excited to have some visitors on Saturday. Our friends Julie, Allison, and her two daughters came to visit. We used to hang out with these guys a lot, but since becoming parents, we barely leave the house on the weekends. Allison lives in Colorado now and they just had a sweet little girl, Logan, in January, so we were excited to meet her. You should hear her cry, it is barely a whimper I barely even noticed her fussing. It is just crazy because those first 5-6 months it seems like all you do is feed. Then when both Keith and I fed Logan, we were like are we doing this right??? Crazy how you forget.
The boys had a blast playing with Shayne. Of course one of the first things they did was pull her hair (SORRY SHAYNE), of course she was sweet and forgave them, but she certainly didn't forget it. Every now and then throughout the night she would mention it. She is at a fun age so she was cracking us up with all the things she was saying.
Hopefully we will be able to see everyone again soon!

Shayne definitely got a few kisses!

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