Saturday, March 6, 2010

This isn't looking good....

Last weekend we went to Menard's and I was pushing Dylan in the cart. I looked down at him and noticed he seemed really tired and his eyes were really heavy. So I took off to walk around wake him up, but his eyes got heavier and he went down and was out cold! So this never really happens.

Then today, Keith needed to go to Home Depot and we needed to get groceries, so we decided it would be quicker if we each took a boy and went at the same time. So I ended up taking Carter to Target for groceries and thought we would have a fun little outing! Well, three aisles into our shopping trip, I looked down at Carter and sure enough, his eyes were heavy and got heavier and heavier and then he was out cold for the rest of the trip!

So I'm seeing a common theme! I guess
I won't plan on either of these two being shopping partners with me!


Pietigs said...

Those pictures crack me up!

Miss Erin said...

Small world! Thanks for stopping by. I used to have boys who napped in the shopping cart- not so much now. Now I have boys who dig thrugh my purse and attempt to pull things off shelves!


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