Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Both boys enjoy being in the swing, but Carter seems to spend more time in it. So when we were playing outside yesterday, I told him a story about how good of a swinger his daddy was. Keith and I were in the same class and went to the same school in kindergarten and first grade. I had a HUGE crush on him, so I remember this moment like yesterday. One recess, I was so lucky to get a swing next to Keith and I remember him telling me that he could swing so high that he could flip all the ways over the bar! I was impressed and of course totally believed him. So I would try so hard to swing as high as I possibly could, but could never get quite high enough!

Do any of you remember if you and the person next to you swung up and down at exactly the same time it meant you were married? (this could be a total Baxter elementary thing) I would try to swing the same as Keith so we could be "married."

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Kate said...

jess that is so cute! we totally had the "married by swing" rule in elementary school.

Kellie said...

We did that too! I totally forgot about it until just now though. So cute of you two! :)


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