Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our latest battles....

For the most part, the boys are at a pretty fun stage! But we have our battles.....
I am not a fan of this one! Dylan seems to do the most hair pulling and I am noticing he is usually trying to get attention for it, but it. But it is strange because for example, almost every time I pick them up from daycare, he will come up and give me a big hug and then take off running towards a kid and pull their hair. So he has my full attention right before he does it a lot of times. Carter does it some, but usually after he sees Dylan doing it. Usually I give him time-outs and he knows he is in trouble, but obviously is not working.
Any tips????
This has been an ongoing battle for a long time now. When we started giving them plates it got better and now it's back, worst than ever. Keith gets VERY frustrated by this, I usually stay calm but about lost it earlier this week. It had been mostly food they didn't like, but now it is about everything. On Monday night it was just me and after about five minutes of food flying everywhere I took their food and trays and made them sit in their high chairs (screaming) while they watched me pick up the kitchen. Then I let them have some more fruit, which they ate most of. Then they threw more on the floor. So then I got Dylan out and he had to pick up all the food he threw on the floor and put it back onto a plate, which he actually did a really good job picking it up. Since then, it has been a little better, but not great.
We've tried everything. First I thought they liked getting a reaction from us, but if we completely ignore them they still do it. Stella doesn't help because it is even more fun to throw it at her, but even if she isn't in the kitchen they still do it. Sometimes we take their plates from them for a few minutes, but I certainly don't want them to NOT eat.
Again, I would take ANY tips!
I don't think my boys are going to stop climbing anytime soon, so we just have to limit what they can climb on. We recently had to take the foot stool to the rocker in their room downstairs. It rocks too and they keep climbing on it, so that was just an accident waiting to happen. They also keep trying to climb and stand on top of the toilet, which is NOT ALLOWED! The bathroom floor is not a pleasant place to fall.

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Jon and Jennifer said...

Hair Pulling - Jess I really don't have any suggestions on this one it sounds like you are doing all the right things. What we do with biting is bite them back and that has WORKED so maybe pull their hair, lightly of course, but this way they learn that it hurts!

Food throwing - we had this for awhile too, well more of just dropping food on the floor. We slapped their hands and that worked and told them no and put them in time out and we haven't had any problems.

Climbing - it sounds like you can be more stern with them on the things that you don't want them to climb on. Like you are for the toliet they KNOW for sure they shouldn't climb on there so why not be just as "mean"/stern about the foot stool or whatever else it is.

Good luck!!


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