Sunday, March 28, 2010

Goodbye Highchairs!

We have been struggling so much with the boys eating and throwing food on the floor, we thought the boys might be ready for a change. They also eat at tables at daycare now, so we decided to get rid of the highchairs and get booster seats! I am a little bit sad to put away one of our last "baby" items, but I am A LOT excited about all the extra room in our kitchen.

{Last time eating in our chairs}

We got them the Booster POD Soft Boosters. I wanted something that strapped to the chair and buckled them in and something that had a smooth surfaces with a limited amount of cracks, so it would be easy to clean. Everyone sells these online, but the only place I could find them in-store in the Twin Cities was Babies on Grand in St. Paul.

So one of the reasons I never considered the chairs that clamp to the tables is because I am a little protective of our table. It was one of our first nicer pieces of furniture and I love it. Unfortunately, it is a softer wood and scratches really easily. (I know I have kids, get over it - and I will) I never sign up for those protection plans, but I really wish I did with this one. However, when I bought it, kids stabbing forks into my table did not cross my mind.

So Keith and I were surprised that the biggest, most durable thing we could find to protect it were these rubber placemats with suction cups. And you can see what they thought of them! So I need to look online for something else. And yes, I have thought about a tablecloth or a large towel, but it sounds like a really quick way for a table full of food to end up on the floor.

The boys seem to think sitting at the table is pretty cool. It has not solved the problem of them throwing food on the floor, but now that they are in their big boy seats and we are being much stricter and aren't going to let the food throwing continue.

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Tami (Pixeltrash) said...

Awe, your little boys are so cute. I followed your comment on SITs, so I thought I'd stop by. I also bought a new table about 4 years ago. It is also a soft wood, but it wasn't cheap. My boys now do homework on it and there are actually little marks where they write on their papers. It is a little annoying, but had I thought of this problem, I may have had a piece of glass cut for the top of it. OH well, you live, you learn, right???

mikeandsarah said...

They look so cute in their big boy chairs! You can also use the transition to the "grown-up" table to help with the food throwing. Keep a high chair around so when they throw food you can act as if this is a "baby" thing to do and make them sit in the high chair. Then make a huge deal about how the grown up table is for kids who don't throw food, maybe they'll get the hint. Just an idea!

Pietigs said...

They look like such big boys sitting in their boosters at the table! :)


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