Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I think I could laugh all night...

These two pretty much crack me up all night!

Frying pan. check. blanket. check. other frying pan. check. gray frying pan. ?

Oh buddy, you better enjoy these while they last because the days are numbered!

Carter has really been enjoying Idol and the Olympics. He was leaning against his kitchen watching the performance.

Carter loves setting things on this shelf. Always makes me laugh!
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Kellie said...

That's a pretty good shiner he's got there!

K'Lyn Uhl said...

Hello! Yes, I remember you! I have peaked in on your blog a few times. Your boys are so cute! I was a little concerned that we might have multiples (I have twin sisters so I'm at a higher risk) but looking at your blog it looks like so much fun! Take care!


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