Thursday, March 18, 2010

Playing outside...

We can't get enough of this nice weather! The snow is gone, the yard is almost cleaned up, and we are having fun outside. And I am SO HAPPY that we have a fenced in backyard. I'm sure I will repeat that statement several times this summer. We were in the front yard this weekend and Carter just kept running away and these two are getting quite fast.

Carter was really into this shovel tonight.

Dylan had fun on the deck and in the play area.

Carter was so cute following Keith around with this shovel "helping" pick up Stella's business.

The boys had a lot of fun outside and were not very happy to go back inside and shared (or screamed) their concerns for sometime after we got back inside.
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Kellie said...

Enjoy it today b/c tomorrow's high is 40! Yikes!


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