Monday, November 26, 2012

Who me???

YES… you my sweet little baby did not want anything to do with sleeping all by yourself without having at least one finger connected to mom or dad!  Keith kept saying she is wanting to be held all night, we are going to have to have her cry it out.  Me, it must be somehting else, maybe she isn't feeling well.  She and I slept for about two hours in my bed last night, then when Keith came to bed she was in a super deep sleep and about two seconds after she was in the pack and play - she was AWAKE!!!  So we decided to give the crib a try, which meant me sleeping on the floor in her room.  And it turns out that was a cold and uncomfortable night of sleep - but I wouldn't really call it great sleep when you are up every 40 minutes!!! Ahhhh….I guess it's all part of the parenting ballgame. Hopefully she will be game for sleeping on her own tonight.  I guess at daycare they said not only was she not so happy when she wasn't held, she would get a bit mad if they weren't talking to her:)  Guess she was spoiled this week.  

We didn't have a turkey day outfit, but I had been itching to get these cute little stockings on her - LOVE THEM!!! You'll be seeing more of these.  
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