Friday, November 16, 2012

Halloween III

So I can't say we have our "best" costumes this year!  The boys, Carter was awfully picky!  At first Dylan said he would be Buzz - awesome, Carter do you want to be Woody.  No, I want to be a pumpkin.  Check out these cool Spiderman costumes - no, I want to be a pumpkin.  Hmmm.  Ok- me, I have weeks, I'll keep working.  Found super cool whale costumes- no, I want to be a pumpkin.  Brought home a sweet dinasaur costume, No I want to be a pumpkin!  So a pumpkin he was!  Then Dylan wanted to be one too and by that point i only could find this one.  So he said he was OK with a ghost.  Sure I could have put a sheet over the kid, but wanted to be a bit more fun, so I said, how about a "mummy ghost".  Totally bought it and we had our mummy and ghost.  I did have Dylan's head wrapped, turned around and it was off withing two minutes.  Carter wouldn't touch his hat.  I don't think he thought his pumpkin costume was all that great in the end, bet he chooses something a bit tough next year.

A former co-worker once told me, take the day off- then you can enjoy getting your kids ready and going out.  WILL DO moving forward!  It was pure chaos for a while between eating dinner, feeding Olivia, the door bell ringing, lighting pumkins, getting candy out, Stella barking and putting on costumes.  

Last year we basically had a pumpkin and a lot of houses have a lot of fun Halloween things going on, so I took it up a notch this year.  Next year I plan to take it up at least 5 more notches!  I played some spooky music, added in some flashing lights and cobwebs and a few other things.  Next year we for sure need the music twice as loud and need to change our outside lights to orange.  

You can't really tell in this picture but our neighborhood was crazy busy.  One dude was smoking on the sidewalk in front of my house, I looked to my pumpkins to see if that was where the smoke was.  Then I realized it was this guy smoking.  Seriously dude, it's 2012, you are in the burbs and the sidewalk is loaded with kids!  

I told the boys it was OK to get candy from this guy, since he wasn't in a big black van.

One house had a really good haunted house in their garage!  

This is how Olivia chilled for trick or treat.

I think the boys had more fun handing out candy than collecting it.  

I think they have finally forgotten about their bags of candy!  Now we just need to get rid of our pumpkins and we will be ready for Thanksgiving next week. 
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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter