Friday, November 16, 2012

Sweet Olivia has not been feeling so sweet!

17 pounds, but I'm thinking at least 5 pounds per cheek!  

My baby girl has had a rough week or two!  Partly why I have not posted much between her and me both being sick!  Two weeks ago she was not feeling well.  Finally took her in and she had a double ear infection.  So we got antibiotics and hoped she would get back to her happy self within a day or two.  She continued to just seem miserable.  Finally took her in again and they thought she had RSV.  I guess we aren't 100%, we didn't do the nose test since we probably wouldn't treat it differently.  So the neb came out of retirement to make its first appearance in the new house.  She didn't care much for the treatments either, so we tried to do them when she was sleeping.  We did our best to keep her out of daycare all week.  Mom helped out quite a bit!  

And then there was the Wednesday I thought I may never make it home from Baxter!

I got up early Wednesday morning to bring Olivia to Baxter.  That evening I went back after work to pick her up.  Got her in the car and took off, she started crying a bit.  Stopped once to calm her and kept going hoping she would tire out.  Then she was screaming and sounding just awful.  So in the pitch black night, I pulled over on a gravel road and tried to calm her more.  No such luck.  Finally got her out of her seat and it didn't help a bit.  I didn't have water to make a bottle.  She was doing this coughing, crying, screaming, choking thing.  (all bringing back flashbacks when Dylan was 4 months with RSV, which turned to pneumonia afer a long car ride with lots of crying).  So I put her back in her seat and turned around and went back to mom and dads as she cried the entire way - then made a bottle as fast as I could and fed her and she finally calmed down.

So then I decided I would get her to sleep, then go.  As I put her in the car she started to wake, but I decided to go since she was so tired.  Again about 4 miles outsided of town, she was crying again. Not as strong, but with minamal stops between Baxter and Polk City, I turned around again and went back to Baxter.  About two miles into my return, I had to quickly slam my breaks for a deer that was running across the road.  Had he stopped I would have hit him as he was about 4 inches in front of my bumber.  Wooo- - luckily since I see so many where I live, it barely phased me.  So then we waited until my dad got home, my mom sat in the back seat with Olivia until she fell asleep and dad followed us for about 20 miles and then mom got back in with him and she slept the rest of the way home!  THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!!! Gosh I sure didn't think I was ever going to make it home that night.  I did see a falling star on that drive for the first time in probably a few years.  Strange night.

It was after 8:00 by the time I made it back home, so the boys seemed a bit mad at me since they didn't see me in the morning and I was getting home so late:)  

Happy to report she is doing much better!  She was also having a mean tooth working its way up too.  So that probably didn't help to all the fuss.  She has one little tip on the bottom.  Still needs to come up quite a bit still. 
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