Monday, November 5, 2012

I hear a lot from these two these days...

Tonight on the way home, all I heard about is how they wanted toast when they got home, which led to who would get to toast their bread first?  AHHHH…. being the wise mother I am, I quickly provided a solution, "guys, I can cook two pieces at once!"  Genius, right.  Dylan says, "cool".  Carter quickly followed with a, "it's not cool Dylan, it's regular."

The hottest word at our house is "NEVER".  I hear this ALL THE TIME!!! I'm never going to eat that mom, I'm never going to blah, blah, blah!  Hear this 10x a day, each boy.

Save this for me mom!  That is big right now, they will hand me about anything and tell me to "save" it for them.  Must be a school thing.

Guess, what I heard tonight for the first time in a long time… Dammit!  Carter dropped his play dough can on the floor, bends down to get it and I quietly hear, I dropped my playdough…..dammit.  This is the kid that didn't swear!  Dylan was all (mr. perfect) ….that's a bad word, we are supposed to use that word.  Carter responds, well, I dropped my play dough dammit.  Hopefully just a slip:)

One day Dylan told me he lost his love.  But Carter gave him a hug and gave it back to him.  Carter did confirm.

This is an odd one, before going to bed last week, Dylan said, "mom, you're a good person in this world, if bad guys are mean to you, I'll throw the police at them."  Random, but a bit sweet.

We are on a big "dead" kick.

They still like the weather, I dropped them off at daycare one morning and it was a bit dark, so Dylan kept saying how it was going to be dark all day because it was Halloween.  He told the teacher that when we got to school, then she said- I guess, we'll be talking about the weather today.

One day the boys were playing in the pantry and I hear one of them say, we're having a sweet little time in here.

One day Dylan stubbed his toe- it probably was pretty sore because it kept bleeding on and off for a couple days, so he would tell about every person he knew that they had to be careful with him because his toe was fragile.

I hear a lot of, "a VERY, VERY long time ago - when I was a little boy." - this can end with many things, but is often along the lines that I used to eat carrots or vegetables, etc.
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