Monday, November 26, 2012

What a great long weekend!!!

WOW!!!  Two and a half days off, plus the weekend seriously felt like two great weeks!!!  I'll post more pics later, but will give a rundown.  I felt like we got so much done.
-We had dinner at my parents on Thursday
-Thursday night Keith's parents came
-Keith and I ventured out around 10 on Thursday night to enjoy some black Friday deals!  Keith was debatable if it would be worth our efforts since we didn't have a game plan.  I thought - hey, we have nothing to lose!  So any deal we find, SCORE!  The sad part is the main reason I wanted to go out was just a good time for Keith and I to go out together and do a majority of shopping.  Plus think about it- which is more challenging - shopping with a double stroller and a single stroller in general mall traffic - or racing through extremely heavy mall traffic with NO stroller(s)???  OPTION B!!!!  ALWAYS OPTION B!   It's never easy to shop with two strollers, plus throw in the baby might cry at any minute so hurry / boys are willing to jump out of stroller at the sight of any sort of candy + many complaints factor.  I'm really happy with the status of my Christmas shopping - still some things to get, but hey we are still in NOVEMBER!!! plenty of time.
-Saturday I went shopping for a while with Susie and then we spent the majority of the day putting up lights outside and decorating inside.  Including some Pinterest inspired lighting.  The boys were SO MUCH FUN this year.  I will be sure to do a seperate post on them.  I can tell already this will be a really awesome Christmas for them!  So much fun!
-Saturday Adam, Sarah and Oliver spent the day at our house and we had this AMAZING stuffed pork loin for dinner.  YUM.
-Sunday we tried another church.  This week we went to Hope in Ankeny.  Keith's parents kept all the kiddos home, so it was nice to be able to focus a bit more.

Overall, it was such a great weekend!  We were so productive, had lots of fun with family!  Hope all of you had a nice holiday weekend as well.  And maybe scored a deal or two as well!
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