Sunday, November 4, 2012

Frog Hunting

Last weekend Keith and Olivia went to Des Moines and the boys were really wanting to find some frogs, so I figured as long as I didn't have to touch one, we could go!  I actually had a really fun time!  They are finally at an age where you can get out and explore and not fear they will run away from you at any given moment.  Still happens, just not as often.
We gathered a few supplies, frog cage (my dwindling Tubberwear), one butterfly net and two zip lock bags.  There is a little pond a few blocks away so we went there to walk around.  On our way I told them I knew the "secret path"to the pond. Carter later had a response to that, that we were going to find "mysterious frogs."  On the walk they both collected a few leaves to put into their bags.  Carter was cracking me up all day - he had been about 5 feet behind Dylan and me and I turn around to a, hey guys, I got a dead worm" - coming from a very proud face.  After a little convincing, I am happy to report the worm didn't make it past the sidewalk and now, "we don't really like dead worms."  So back to the pond….   great spot for frogs!  We saw a ton in the super icky thick green water.  I didn't want our net in the water so we weren't able to catch any.  There was a boy and a girl fishing with their dad, the boys went up to them and said hi, then Carter says, "that's my brother Dylan and I'm Carter."  I was happy to hear that because I've told them several times they need to tell new people who they are and I was even more excited how he introduced Dylan too.
Though we did not come home with any frogs, we did come home with TWO grasshoppers!  Possibly just as gross as frogs:)  Carter is so funny with any critter, no fear in picking them up and grabbing them.  He was so excited about his, he made a point to go back to the kids we had seen to tell them about it.
We had a nice walk back home, Carter was very impressed by these little pine trees we saw.  He said, this is a baby one mom.  Yep, then he saw a couple bigger ones and then said, "yeah, that makes sense mom, that's the baby one, that's the papa one and the grandma one."
Overall, I really enjoyed a couple hours out of the house with the boys!
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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter