Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Day

Election day is upon us! Do you remember the first time you voted in a presidential election? I will probably always remember mine. It was 2000, I was 18 years old and a freshman at Central College. So excited to go cast my vote and then I patiently waited for the results. Hours passed, then days passed by and it was the big recount in Florida and Bush was finally awarded the job. My niece was born just a couple months prior to that election and seeing her reminds me of just how long ago it was that I casted that first vote for a very eventful election. I’ll probably always associate my boys with the 2008 Obama election because they were actually due on Election Day. Born a few weeks prior, but between being on bedrest and home with the boys, I was lucky to enjoy all sorts of political ads!

This is the most politics talk you will hear from me on this blog. To be honest, I can’t wait for the day to be here and behind us. In Iowa we get HAMMERED with the ads. Last week I heard the same ad, two spots in a row on the radio. Each candidate brings concern to our uncontrolled spending and our countries’ deficit, yet they have no problem pouring millions into advertising. I believe each is over the 700 million mark in spending. That doesn’t even count the spending to elect a candidate for the republican race and all other political roles. I understand they need to drive awareness to win votes, but I would love to see each candidate have a capped dollar amount- then challenge them to get creative and win votes on an even playing fields without useless, astronomical spending. Honestly, there are starving children in the world, people barely scraping by. They should be embarrassed to spend so many dollars on advertising. I work in the advertising / marketing world, so I respect that the ads help keep the industry rolling but I believe the dollars could go so much further supporting people in other ways.

Looking forward to everyone being friends again on facebook next week!

Who are those crazy teens? Can I hear some country grammar?? Maybe after we find out who let the dogs out. Lets go back to 2000 for a day.

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter