Thursday, November 1, 2012

Those quiet moments

If you have been reading along over the years, you know that I always say quiet generally equals mischief. Here is Dylan taking down the streamers from the party.  Later that weekend I was sitting on the couch feeding Olivia.  Carter was outside and Dylan had been quiet.  I thought I saw him pass by with the big black stool. (nothing unusual).  Then I thought, it's been way too quiet.  And just as I got up to check on him, he had placed the big black stool on the kitchen chair and had just retrieved his scissors so he could climb up and cut down the balloon!  I tell you, BOYS!!!  No fear and NOT happening.  I've caught him putting that stool up onto things before and told him we can't do that.  Throw in the scissors too???  I guess we may have one of our balancing acts down for the 3 ring circus.  
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