Sunday, November 11, 2012

4 months!



This girl is still a complete sweetheart!  She wasn't feeling very well last week, so I finally took these pics today- doing MUCH BETTER!!!  She is still at a very fun age, here's what's happening….

  • Doing lots of laughing, talking and squealing
  • I swear she has a 3 hour timer for when she is hungry - ding and cry!  
  • Generally she doesn't cry much unless she wants her bottle or is sleepy
  • Loves to look at herself in the mirror and just cracks herself up when her "friend" shows up
  • She is really grabbing an feeling and playing with toys now and puts about everything she touches straight into her mouth
  • I really think we will be seeing a tooth any day now, she drools like crazy and constantly chews on things on her gums
  • She rolled over two times one night (back to tummy), not too much since.  I don't think she really likes being on her tummy all that much, so probably not too interested in doing that
  • Solids has been going OK, she doesn't get too mad about it, but not too interested.  I probably get about three bites into her.  We'll keep working on it and she will get it eventually.
  • She's starting to play with a lot of her toys where she can sit, exersaucer is officially out and a hit so far.  She was liking the bumbo chair at first, now she tries to squirm herself out of it so I can't leave her in that long or she might hurt herself.  
  • She likes to give these big wet kisses.  I wasn't sure if she was trying to eat my face or give me kisses, then we were playing in the mirror and I kissed her cheek and she watched, then gave me a big wet kiss!  
  • Loves watching football with dad
  • Still pretty chill overall, she will wake up in the mumaroo or a car seat and not really say much, just look around.  Last night I had her at the mall and she just sat quiet and looked all around watching all the people.    
  • She loves to stand up, almost every time you try to sit her up, she tries to stand up.  
  • We are size 2 diapers, but thinking we may be moving into 3 soon!  she is still really long, I've been using the onsie extender on most her 3-6 month onsies.  

Here are her stats from her check up.  Poor girl was awfully sad after her shots.  She cried pretty hard - reminded me that Keith took the boys to their 4 month by himself, poor guy:(

Weight:  16 lbs 15 oz, 91%
Height:  25", 82%

(In case you were wondering, 17 pounds plus baby car seat IS heavy)
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Amber Maddux said...

she is so stinking precious!

Andrea said...

she's adorable. love those last 3 pictures.


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