Thursday, May 19, 2011

We did it!

They decided to take them all out of the bags and put them on Alec.  Of course, both tried to stick one in his mouth! 

The boys are exactly 2 1/2 years old now, so it was well overdue time for us to give up these pacifiers!  Something I have not been looking forward to for a long time.  Our pediatrician told us to get rid of them before one because around one they start to get attached to things.  Clearly we did not listen!  They were just so helpful to getting a bit of peace here and there, plus with so many car rides and the first year and a half of back to back doctor's appointments with every illness under the sun, they were a big help.  I always said I wouldn't let them go much past two, but then we made this huge move and I figured the boys were going through enough transitions that this could be one thing they could keep.  And we had it down to just naps at home and night time.  We didn't help things out either because at bedtime and nap time we would say you want to get your paci and take a nap and they would run and jump right into bed.  Trust me, I had many rough naps when I was home with the boys so I did anything I could to make it happen! 
I had planned on trying a few tricks like cutting them or poking holes in them, but never did.  On a couple occasions they threw them away because we have been telling them they were icky for months and they would pull them out and say "paci, icky" and throw them in the sink.  Of course, not icky for too long!  So if it were just one, I would have said, nope you threw it away and have gone with that, but that's not quite fair with two. 
So I finally decided with baby Alec on the way, they would be a gift for the new baby in the family.  This somewhat worked.  For weeks we had been telling them this and they were totally getting the idea and said they would do it.  Then last night came the night!  I had them find all their pacis, put them in a gift bag and bring them to Alec. They were all about it and really excited to give them to Alec.  Until....we left.  Then they started putting two and two together and started to have some concern for what may have been one of their closest companions.  Dylan asked Keith, "daddy, two pacies in your pocket"?  Then Dylan got really sad when we got home, but I was able to cheer him up.  He has always been much more attached.  Then bedtime was a bit rough.  Dylan did AWESOME!!!  Carter on the other hand was absolutely heartbroken and probably cried for about an hour.  We brought him books, trains, water anything to make him happier.  Finally I ended up holding him and all three of us snuggled up on the floor until they calmed down.  Carter ended up waking up four times crying for it and Dylan did great.  So far tonight has gone great.  Carter really hasn't asked and Dylan started to look for one, but didn't make a fuss.  Now I'm hoping they don't get too upset with Alec or hunt for them at his house! 
I feel absolutely awful taking these! I know it's the right thing to do, but they are so attached and love them so much, it's like taking your kids favorite stuffed animal or blanket away.  They don't really understand that toddlers shouldn't have pacifiers, they don't know any different!  I hope it continues to go well! 

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Port Family said...

Oh my goodness...Solon is 21 months and I have to do this same things soon...not looking forward to it AT ALL....good for you and good tips but I am just as attached for the same reasons as you were :)


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