Sunday, May 8, 2011

Birthday visit to Grandpa

We had such a nice weekend!  The weather was finally great, so that was a plus!
Friday night we went to Prairie Meadows with a fun group Keith graduated with and watched the horse races.  Then of course, I hit up roulette, the slots and black jack.  I ended up losing about $20, so not bad for a night of entertainment. 
And while we were out having fun, so were the boys! They had their first sleepover at my sister's house.  I felt bad leaving them there since she is about 38 weeks pregnant, but Uncle Cory was there too and all was good!  They got to use their new sleeping bags and slept on the living room floor with their cousin Cade.  I was hoping they wouldn't wake up in the middle of the night not knowing where they were, but they did great.  The next morning Keith picked them up and the minute they got home Dylan ran back and told me all about it and was so excited, so I think it was a really fun thing for them.  As soon as we move to the new house we will have to have Cade over for a sleepover.

Saturday was a great day without a major agenda!  We went to Boone so I could buy some night stands for our bedroom, but that ended up being a bad experience so I am back on the hunt for night stands again.  We were really annoyed because Boone is about an hour away, but on the upside they have a great train museum and the boys had a lot of fun walking around seeing the trains, I have lots of pics to add. 
Afterwards we ate lunch and went to the house and ran a few errands. 
 Then we finally made it back to Jasper county and went to see grandpa at work and to wish him a happy birthday!  While visiting, Carter hit up a box of Casey's doughnuts - took bites of about three, completely licked the frosting off one and licked about three others.  Then we took the Gator for a ride and the boys LOVED it!  They also helped "drive" and were so serious just loving it! 
Later that evening after the boys went to bed, I hit up the btown bar with my good friend Kristy and called it a night around 12ish. 

Happy Mother's day to all the great moms in the world!!! Thank you to my husband for taking care of me today as well!  He let me sleep in and the boys woke me up this morning so excited to give me the cards they helped with and these hand prints they made at daycare.  He also did a great job picking me out a nice spring coat!  I'm pretty lucky to have three wonderful guys in my life. 
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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter