Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bon Jovi!

A few weeks ago we went to Bon Jovi!  Keith had gotten me tickets for my birthday, but I was starting to get nervous we would not make it to the show.  Originally mom was going to watch the boys, but she had a class.  This left a very pregnant Jennifer to help. I felt a little bad leaving her with three boys, two days from going into labor.  So we recruited uncle Jeff to help out until mom got home.  And really hoping Jennifer wouldn’t go into labor!! No worries, the troop managed just fine and Uncle Jeff even got to change a few dirty diapers and is now a pro.  (he also taught the boys to say they sharted- so that was a nice surprise:))

The concert was a lot of fun.   We went with our friends Mark and Autumn and another couple they know well, Brad and Carrie, who were a lot of fun!  The funny part was, all of us went to ISU, moved out of state and recently moved back to Iowa.  And all of us are living with parents while our houses are works in progress!  I’m thinking moving back in with your parents, while in your late 20’s, is the new black!  I know a few other couples doing the same thing! 

Our concert tickets were maybe a bit more of the nosebleed arena, so I felt the need to make an advance to the floor.  So we left the boys and after one failed attempt , we made our way to the front stage, which was MUCH BETTER!!!  We did end up getting split up when we got busted by one security guard, so I bolted to the side of the stage and was so excited to see some familiar faces – Rachel and Sue Logsdon, who had some how gotten bumped up to some sweet seats, so they let me hide out by them for a while!

As always, Bon Jovi puts on a great show and it was a really fun night out!  I was a bit on the sleepy side the next day at work though

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