Monday, May 16, 2011

house happenings...

I'm not sure how they manage to get much work done without the help of these two.

Is it just me or does this look a bit risky???

I think the plumber must have had a few too many the night before installing the toilet right in front oft the doorway, I think he will be re-installing this week. 
Last week was a busy week for house updates! The most time consuming thing on our part was the electrical walk through. Which is basically determining where you want all your light switches and which lights should have two switches or just one, while trying to not have 500 switches in your house. We have about 40 can lights, 10 flush mounts, 5 bathroom vanity lights, 3 bath fans, 5 other hanging lights and 2 fans throughout, so we had to figure out the best spot for all of those as well! So it’s a good thing my sister can give me a good discount on lights! This house will be much better lit than our last, the old house only had ceiling lights in the kitchen and hallways, non in the family room, bedrooms and closets. We always felt like we were sitting in the dark, even with many lamps on.
They also completed the shingles and installed most of the windows. The sliding door was broken, so we won’t have a new one for a few weeks. They started installing the siding, and I imagine that will be completed this week.
Keith brought the boys to the house this weekend and brought them upstairs to show them their room and bathroom. So they were saying CarterDylan’s room, CarterDylan’s bathroom. They mostly like running around the back yard.
Troy, our builder, gave us an updated schedule as well. He moved our close date from June 29 to July 8 best case, July 15 worst case scenario. I knew we were behind schedule a bit due to rain. But looks like just 1-2 weeks, so not too bad. We are getting really excited to get into the house and ready to have all of our belongings back. It seems I must have accidentally sent my tote with all my shorts and capris to long term storage, I did find some ski clothes I was looking for a few months ago while digging (helpful now). We are also really ready to have a queen bed again! Though I’m not much of a cleaner in any way, I am a bit excited to organize my closet and not have everything crammed together. Right now my closet is a jammed, wrinkled mess!
Other things on the list…

After lots of debate we decided not to do prewire for an audio system. This is one of those things – It was $350 to do the prewire, which is much easier and cheaper to do before your house is complete, but we wouldn’t have wanted to invest in the stereo equipment and speakers at this time so it would have just been the wiring. We thought about doing it for a while, and it would have been really nice on the deck, but honestly I just didn’t see us jumping to complete the project anytime soon and was afraid we would end up paying all this money for wires and never complete the system, so we decided to skip this one. Honestly, I hardly ever listen to the radio at home so hopefully we don’t regret it!
They are going to start the drywall this week! This will be a really fun change and make the house feel completely different. On my agenda, I want to finalize the faucet order and work on picking out tile. I looked a little this weekend and found the tile wasn’t matching the granite very well. So I was a bit annoyed with this and am happy most the floor will be wood now. We just have tile in the mud room, the bathrooms and around the fireplace and backsplash in the kitchen.
Keith is headed to Canada for a couple days so I probably won’t get to the house for pics until Wednesday.

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter