Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Things that make my life easier....

On a daily basis we get to experience the challenge of two-year olds!  I must say over the past year my negotiating skills may have increased significantly, of course I think I would send my boys in to close the deal since they seem to usually come out ahead.  

Here are a few things that make my life easier.....

Bendy straws!  
We try to bring these with us to restaurants- yes that's us, maybe odd, but sure saves a lot of struggle.  Anyone who has battled the cup with a normal straw, which usually ends up getting spilled on may agree.

Here is a trick my friend Kristy told me that works really well, I use it ALL THE TIME....
For a while we went through a stage that the boys didn't want to get dressed or get PJ's on- mostly Carter. So if I say lets get PJ's on, he will basically say no, not PJ's and run off, but then I say Carter, do you want to put your PJ's on or do you want me to do it, then he will run for the PJ's and say I do it and put his clothes on!  Works every time!  Thanks Kristy!

Bathtub Bubbles!
Probably wouldn't ever get them in the tub without these.  I say who's going to put the bubbles in the tub, they say MEEEE, and we are off for the tub.

Electric Thomas Toothbrushes
Not sure how it goes at your guys' houses, but we don't really like brushing teeth around here- thank goodness Keith has taken charge in this arena or our boys teeth would never be clean.  We got them the electric toothbrushes and this has made a world of difference and for the past few months, Keith has been having them sing the alphabet while he brushes their teeth and then he can get them brushed really well.  Now they do pretty good with brushing their teeth.  

This is a bad one- they love these and if I can't get them in the car in the morning, I offer these up and they rush right into the car!  

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The Annis Family said...

Almost all of these are on our list of "make life easier"! The only one that isn't is the electric toothbrush. We will have to give that a try as Lucy hates brushing her teeth.


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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter