Sunday, May 15, 2011

Alec, meet Carter and Dylan

Today we took the boys to the hospital to meet baby Alec.  They were pretty excited to see him. In the car we were talking about it and we asked who they were going to see..."cousin Alec".  Then I was telling them he was Cade's brother, just like Carter and Dylan are brothers, then Carter said, "Carter Dylan are twins."  They always refer to everything as CarterDylans.  

They were excited to finally see Alec, but then chickened out when it came time to holding him.  Finally, right before we left, Carter decided he would hold him for about 20 seconds.  They both gave him a sweet little kiss before leaving.  Carter was pretty proud when he was holding him, it was pretty darn cute.
I think Alec can officially join the wild cousins group- watch out Baxter!

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krmccord said...

So cute!! Congrats, Aunt Jessica! And I love his name!!

Kellie said...

That last pic is so sweet!


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