Monday, May 16, 2011

A random Monday

Since Keith is in Canada, the boys decided to be pretty nice to me tonight.  I'm sure tomorrow will be another story!  They were totally random all day, here are a few things they did:
First off, this morning Dylan brought a loaf of bread to me in bed.
They wanted water in water bottles, a little later we were looking for them, Dylan went and pulled his his out of the cupboard.  I have no idea why he put it in there.  
On the way home they decided to start singing, only they were singing different songs at the same time.  Actually Carter was basically chanting twinkle twinkle little star and Dylan was singing some alligator song that I am not sure the words of, then they completed the tune with the alphabet.
They saw a pineapple on the counter and wanted it right away.  Carter made me pick him up, he pulled out a container out of the cupboard for me to put it into and then handed me a butter knife.  
I've decided I could really benefit from a third arm!  So many things they need assistance with in the backseat while I'm driving.  Tonight they both took their shoes off, dumped out a bunch of sand, then needed help getting them back on - twice!  Two times I had to pull off and fix their shoes.
Carter is still insisting on wearing his old shoes.  Then tonight at dinner he just got up and said his shoes were broken and was throwing them away. And he did!  We'll see what happens in the morning.  I did dig them back out of the trash in case we have some drama in the morning.  
They were great in the tub and played for a long time. 

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