Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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Looking forward to the long holiday weekend!!! We are spending most of the weekend at Keith’s parents, but on Saturday Keith and I will head to Omaha for a wedding! The wedding should be an absolute blast! A great couple, celebrating with many friends from college.

Carter and Dylan have pushed Mickey to the side for a little bit more Thomas time lately! Which I think is good, b/c they have seen the DVD in my car a zillion times!

They are obsessed with fruit snacks- drops of gold I guess.

Both have been playing with the trains more, but Carter is so into it! And I just think a little boy down on his knees driving his little train all around the house is the absolute cutest thing- makes me smile every time! Probably like watching a little girl carrying around and comforting a baby doll.

Our daycare is so-so, can’t wait until we switch to Polk City. One teacher seems to not have any type of filter and just says anything that comes rolling out- gets a little awkward.

Carter absolutely will not wear his new shoes. The other ones are in such awful shape- I’ll have to post a picture, I think his toes will be sticking out soon.

These two are talking SO MUCH!!! I love it, but sometimes it is non-stop. Lately at night – maybe since they don’t have their pacifiers they just chat up a storm! FOREVER, sometimes I wonder if they are going to go to sleep. One night this week, Carter was crying for his paci, then I hear through the monitor, “Carter, stop crying.”

My office has summer hours starting FRIDAY!! YEAH. This means we can leave at 12:00 on Fridays, but we have to make up the four hours during the week. I’m pretty excited about short Fridays but it’s hard to make up the time right now because it takes me an hour and fifteen minutes to do the full commute with drop-off and I don’t want to wake the boys up any earlier. So I am trying to take short lunches, stay a little late and then one day a week if Keith takes the boys I can get in at 7:00. If stay too late, I don’t get home until 6-7 and the boys go to bed at about 8, so I don’t like to stay too late. It will be much easier once we move and daycare is five minutes from our house!

Lately, the boys have been into feeding each other- and are so polite in doing so…”Here you go Carter” as he puts the spoon of food in his mouth, “Thank you Dylan” – and this goes back and forth.

They are in this phase when we do something for them, with a lot of enthusiasm, they will say “THANK YOU MOMMY” or “THANK YOU DADDY” We kinda like this one.

They seem to be enjoying their stroller again- or maybe for the first time. I told Keith we should take advantage of this as much as possible.

Both have been really enjoying drawing and coloring.

Both have been extra sleepy-heads lately since they have been staying up late chatting. Usually Dylan will get up first- definitely more of the early bird- one morning Keith was working on waking up Carter and I hear a soft “wake up buddy” from Dylan- I have no idea where that one came from

Lately I have been thinking we should try to split the boys up a bit more for some one-on-one time. We used to do that more when we lived in Minnesota, but they are rarely apart anymore. I wonder if they get tired of each other?
Sometimes they are nice to Stella trying to pet her and always giving her bones. Then sometimes I will catch them trying to kick her. Sometimes I’m too late, sorry Stella!

They have been really liking bubble baths and they like to make bubble beards

American Idol ends this week, so bummed I was doing really well in my work pool, but looks like I will finish 4th, I think prizes are top 3!

They still like their ice whenever they think they are hurt, one day Dylan pushed Carter and Carter wanted ice on his head, so we did for a while and I took it and said, all better, Carter said “not all better Mommy” and put the ice back on his head.
Dylan saw Alec’s belly button and then said his belly button had an owie, so we had to have a band aid on it for a few days- I don’t think it felt too good coming off.

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