Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My jeans have been getting a bit on the tight side and here is why...

Since moving back to Iowa, I’ve been eating a bit more of…

Cheese balls!
49 states are really missing out on a great food!  I thought you could get cheese balls everywhere until I moved to New Jersey and they were nowhere to be found.  I thought for sure I would see them in Minnesota.  Just cheese curds there – which are excellent as well, but no cheese ball. 

If you have never had a cheese ball, it is basically cheddar cheese breaded and fried.  It probably doesn’t sound that great, but it is.

AE French Onion Dip!
This is the bomb, again if you don’t live in Iowa, you are totally missing out on this one.  It might be available in KC now. 

I LOVE bread and gravy, I’m sure this sounds odd.  My mom makes some pretty tasty gravy, so I have been eating it plenty.

Eating out…
I thought I ate a lot of JTM between left over client meeting food and left-overs from photo shoots.  But I have not been doing much better here!  We have a lot of goodies at the office and I have been eating out almost every day. As soon as we move and I have a mortgage again I will be back to brown-bagging it!

Dad keeps the fridge pretty loaded with pop, so I have expanded well beyond my one a day approach

At this rate, summer won’t be looking pretty for this girl.

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Kellie said...

OMG. I love AE Party Dip. I swear I could drink it straight. It is SO good w/ cool ranch doritos. I wish they had AE up here!


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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter