Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We had some visitors from Iowa!

Sarah and Adam thought it was time for Oliver's first trip to Minneapolis!  They came up Friday night to our house without power.  Overall, it was a pretty lazy weekend.  Saturday we took the all three boys to the pool and went to dinner at Axels.  I was hoping for a Saturday night fire, but it ended up raining all night.  Oliver is such a good baby, he barely made a peep the entire time he was here. 
The boys were pretty good with him, of course Sarah had to be on guard for flying toys.  They did take some interest in him, probably more than I have ever seen with any baby around.

This is when they first arrived, they were very curious about the baby daddy was holding.  I'm thinking a new baby wouldn't go over too well!
Of course by the end of the weekend, Carter did his famous, find the guest's lap to hang out on all day. A few more months and Oliver will be able to chase Carter and Dylan around.
We got out some of the boys' old toys and sent Oliver home with this walker.  The boys loved these.
Sarah, Oliver, Carter & me
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