Friday, June 4, 2010

My brave little boys and their future sleeping arrangements...

So earlier this week when I got Carter out of bed, he was on top of his crib rails in the corner, one knee on each edge looking down.  I think he was a little frightened and didn't know what to do next.  This scares me because a dive to the floor from that position could be pretty dangerous fall.
I really don't want to get rid of the cribs yet, but it may be a safer option.  Of course, it's not really that easy and I have been exploring other options.  They make crib tents, I read about them last night, some sites don't recommend them and others say they are safer or at least safer than your kid falling out and getting injured.  Somehow I could see one of my boys still trying to get out and somehow getting tangled into the tent, so I have decided that is not a good option for us. 
I didn't think our cribs converted to toddler beds, but they do!  So  tonight went to buy the rails, only to learn it is a 12 week lead time.  Well, that won't really work for our situation- 3 months, really?  Something we should have bought sometime ago.  So if you have a Minure crib and you think you will need one, order it now (ours is the Urban collection)! 
Then I learned that you can take the front piece off of our cribs and add a universal rail.  I had no idea that you could take the side piece off!  So we bought the universal rails and now have an option.  I feel better about them still being in their cribs somewhat, so they don't have to adjust to a completely new environment! 
Of course, we still aren't ready for the switch, lots of preparation still ahead.  Tonight Keith bolted their dresser to the wall (I thought it already was, but it wasn't).  If any of you have little ones, I would recommend doing the same thing, they sell kits at BRU.  The boys have been attempting to climb up theirs looking for pacifiers - SCARY!!  Then we will buy a gate for the door and double check that their isn't anything else that could harm them (curtain cords, any other cords, power strips, etc).  Once all of that is prepared, we can make the switch when necessary.
We are also thinking making the switch would be better on a weekend.  I think this is probably a hard transition for any kids, but having two in the same room adds to the trouble.  I can already see them running back and forth between beds and jumping off!  I

f any of you have tips for a successful transition I would love to hear them!  A lot of people have told me they wish they would have kept their kids in their cribs longer and I am in that camp as well, but if he continues to try and climb out, I don't think that will be an option!

They think they are jumping off of the couch now, really they just walk right off.  You would think that this would not be a pleasant experience, they LOVE it!

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Chantal said...

I am opposite, I wish I took them out sooner! Before they knew how to party. I think we were still in the safe zone. I have been recommending right before the first birthday.

Mom said...

Love the arms out for balance :)

The Annis Family said...

I love reading your posts Jess! You guys are about 6 months ahead of me so I know what is right around the corner with Lucy. Good luck with toddler beds.


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